Installing the Modine "DA" radiator

May 5, 2004


To start off;

There already is a good write-up on this and that's where I got the information to do the swap. I don't know who the author was, but here is the link; DA Radiator. I recommend that you go there and check out the photos and information!!

Due to the fact that there are already a bunch of photos available, I didn't shoot any. (and you don't really need them)

All I'm trying to do here is to add a little additional information.

Why use this radiator?

The 90/93 Integra radiator is a full width radiator and is double core. In other words, it's the same width as the one already in my car (an 89 Civic SI hatchback) and twice as thick.

The Modine radiator (2246) has metal top and bottom caps. The idea of plastic caps really bothers me!

 What I did;

Installing the radiator was about as straight forward as it gets. Remove the old one and install the new one. The lower mounting points are the same and I even re-used the original upper brackets.

I don't know why, in the write-up that is linked above, he had to pick up new upper brackets. Maybe I just got lucky due to the year and type car that I have.

I paid about $180 for the radiator at a local shop. Call around and compare prices.

The radiator hose sizes are different and below is what I used for my B18C installation.

Upper hose for a 94 GSR, part number 19501-P72-000

Lower hose for a 90 Integra, part number 19502-PR4-A00

In case you care, the long heater hose is (I think) for a 90 Integra and is part number 79721-SR3-000. For the short heater hose, I used one that I found at Auto Zone and it's number 4459, but it only fits my installation due to the custom heater "hard-line" work I did when installing the Skunk 2 intake manifold.

I used an Integra fan on the passenger side of the radiator.

Problems and Issues;

The fan that I picked up didn't directly bolt up to the radiator and I just don't know why. I picked it up at a knowledgeable junk yard and told them that it was for a 93 Integra (which the radiator is for). Mounting it wasn't a big issue, but did require a bunch of "spacer" washers.

There is no room to mount a "pulling" type fan on the drivers side of the radiator. This is due to a combination of things with the installation that I did and you may not have a problem. I fashioned the motor mounts after the Place Racing units and they position the engine more forward than the Hasport units, resulting in less room between the radiator and engine. I'm using DC Sport headers and they may contribute to the lack of area between the engine and radiator. Then there is the fact that the radiator is twice as thick and that added thickness is toward the engine.

It would be possible to use "pusher" type fans and mount them both in front of the radiator. If you do this, I'm pretty sure that you could rule out ever mounting the AC condenser core in that location. (I may do this just to clean up the engine compartment)

I don't think that having only one fan will be an issue. The reason I say that is the radiator that a lot of people like to use is the 92 Civic unit, and it's only half as wide (also a dual core). Plus the fact that the fan in question only comes on as a function of the AC, which I've removed and may not replace.

It may be possible (I don't really know) to use the stock (passenger side) fan and not buy an Integra one, but I found that part of it's plastic framework hit the lower radiator hose and could lead to a worn hole in the hose.

Closing comments;

This was well worth doing and I'd recommend it.

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